New discoveries on reading the manual

I have read my manual for my Nikon D3000 a few times over the past 4 years, but something new always come to the forefront upon a re-read.  This time the following items sprang out at me:

AF-Area Mode

An interesting observation under the AF-Area Mode section is if one uses 3D-tracking points the colours in the area surrounding the focus point are stored when the shutter button is depressed half way.  This could be problematic if the subject is of a similar colour as the background.

Focus Lock

Holding down the AE-L/AF-L button allows one to focus and then recompose. This is a function I have read about, but never practiced properly. I have tried it out now a few times and I think I will definitely be using the function more often.


I actually read through the retouching segment of the manual again and tried a few of the features, but I can’t see myself doing any in-camera photo editing ever. The camera screen (3 cm) is nowhere big enough to do any serious editing, but there are a few nice features like the filters.