Vendula Ralkova – Street Photography: The Imaginary, the Tangible and the Obvious

When I attended one of the local photography colleges here in Vancouver, I was privileged to have Vendula Ralkova as my instructor (and mentor) for street photography. Vendula hails from Prague, got her Bachelor’s degree in Photography at Emily Carr University, a Master’s degree from Milan’s Fine Arts Academy in Italy and she did an internship at Magnum Photos Agency in Paris, France, working closely with Josef Koudelka on his catalogue raisonné. Vendula is so passionate about street photography and made street photography come alive in class. This is one of her lectures given to a non-photographic (technical) audience about street photography which I attended. Each time I hear this lecture I learn something new about the history and genre.

In the lecture she takes one on a journey through the history of street photography, criss-crossing countries and continents explaining what street photography is, the origins, introducing the fore-fathers of the genre, discussing cross cultural similarities and differences, and finally ending with a small sample of her work. After having read the first chapter of Wells’ Photography: A Critical Introduction, I find that I understand her lecture much better and I’m sure I will be coming back to it again with fresh eyes later on.

Lecture, Vendula Ralkova – Street Photography: The Imaginary, the Tangible and the Obvious [webcast, online] Simon Fraser University Continuing Studies, Canada, 21 January, 2012. 1 hour 5 minutes. (accessed March 18, 2014)