Assignment 1 Revisited

Before I submit Assignment 2, I wanted to revisit Assignment 1 and fix some of the things that my tutor had brought to my attention.

For my Diagonal image (fig 1) my tutor mentioned that the figure in the top right hand corner was a little distracting due to her clothing. I had a look at cropping her out but that would have taken away some of the flow of the zig-zag pattern of the steps, so I decided to do a bit of burning to make her darker and I also brought done the highlights and saturation on her slightly. I think it is an improvement.

Fig 1 - Diagonal reworked

Fig 1 – Diagonal reworked

For my Rounded image (fig 2) my tutor mentioned that the sign and street lights were a bit distracting – too bright, as well the car. My horizon was also not level. I picked another photo that I had shot that night without a car waiting for the traffic light to change and did the necessary burning on the street sign and sky and also brought down the exposure, highlights and clarity on the street lamps. I then dodged the building to bring out some detail.

Fig 2 - Rounded reworked

Fig 2 – Rounded reworked

It was mentioned that my Few image’s (fig 4) brightness level did not match the Many image. At the time I didn’t know how to change the level, but have now learnt a few more things about Lightroom. I dodged the white background quite severely and I think the brightness levels are now equal.

Fig 4 - Few reworked

Fig 4 – Few reworked

For my High/Low combination, my tutor mentioned that my High image (fig 5) needed a vertical alignment, which I have now done.

Fig 5 - High reworked

Fig 5 – High reworked

My tutor mentioned that I could lighten up the man in the Low image (fig 6). I have dodged him and I also applied a radial filter over him to lighten the exposure on him and slightly above him in order to draw the eye down to him. I think he stands out on the small image too now.

Fig 6 - Low reworked

Fig 6 – Low reworked

The sculpture in my Heavy image (fig 12) was a bit underexposed in relation to the background, so I have burned the bright spot in the background and dodged the sculpture as well as putting a radial filter on it to lighten it up. I think it definitely looks better now.

Fig 12 - Heavy reworked

Fig 12 – Heavy reworked

For my still image (fig 13), my tutor remarked that I needed more emphasis on the river and that the image was also lacking contrast.  I have now boosted the contrast, reduced highlights, opened the shadows and added quite a bit of clarity to the photo. I have also put two radial filters on the river.

Fig 13 - Still reworked

Fig 13 – Still reworked

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