A Student’s (Working) Holiday

Its holiday time here in Canada and we are off on an Alaskan Inside Passage cruise, up to Juneau, into Tracy Arm and then down to Skagway and Ketchikan and back home. Items to take along: camera, 18-55mm lens, 70-300mm lens, 50mm lens (should I take the 55-200mm as well – possibly not – not a big enough focal length gap between 55 and 70mm), batteries, charger, flash, more batteries, another charger, circular polariser, tripod, plastic bag in case of rain, camera bag … oh yes, parka and some warm clothes. My e-reader is loaded with Part 2 – Elements of Design and the accompanying relevant sections from Michael Freeman’s The Photographer’s Eye. Subjects I’m hoping to photograph: coastal rainforests, whales, eagles, bears and definitely glaciers. I have a few ideas floating around in my head for the assignment. I just hope I can nail them.

I’m also hoping to do some sunrise and sunset shots, so have copied the information from The Photographer’s Ephemeris. There is not a lot of time between the two so far up north. Sunset is at 22:07 and sunrise is at 03:55. However civil twilight times are 23:23 for sunset and sunrise is 02:38, so definitely not a lot of night time. I hope there are blackout curtains on board, otherwise I’ll turn into a zombie!

The Photographer's Ephemeris - Civil Twilight times in Juneau, Alaska

The Photographer’s Ephemeris – Civil Twilight times in Juneau, Alaska

Oh yes, mustn’t forget my scrapbook! Hopefully it doesn’t rain too much. If it does, I’ll be photographing from the cabin’s balcony. Here’s hoping I get lots of material.