Response to my review on David Bong’s Faces of Humanity exhibition

I was most pleasantly surprised to find the following email (posted in its entirety) in my OCA email from the office of photographer, David Bong, whose recent exhibition I reviewed on my blog. Talk about a confidence boost!

July 15, 2014

Hello Lynda:

We came across your blog article about David’s FACES OF HUMANITY June exhibit at the Pendulum Gallery in Vancouver.

This is quite a learned interpretation of David’s photography and we thank you for taking the interest to look at his work and write about it.

We were also reassured by your interpretation of the images, for example “there is softness that draws me in, inviting me to make the acquaintance of his subjects” or “his use of black and white underscores the emotions”, because this is, in fact, David’s intent behind photographing these individuals and exhibiting these images. This means the message behind the exhibition comes through to the viewer as intended.

We would welcome any suggestions you might have, as our primary reason behind this exhibition is to spread the Message of Peace

Thank you, Lynda. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yuliana Sirman
davidbong photography

(Update: a link to my review has been placed on David Bong’s website:


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