Understanding Light with Mark Wallace

CreativeLive has some wonderful video tutorials and most are free to watch if you are lucky enough to be able to catch them when they broadcast them (usually from 09h00 – 16h00 Pacific time). Unfortunately for me that is when I’m at work. However, some of them do have a free preview section which offers about 30 minutes of instruction. In this tutorial, Mark Wallace from Adorama offers some great explanations on hard and soft light, colour temperature and white balance. I particularly liked his explanation on how the ColourPassport Checker worked. Definitely something to put on my wish list.


I can’t link directly to the video, so there is an extra step to get to it. Click on the link above and once you access this page, be sure to click on the photo of the Mark Wallace and the table lights just below the larger introductory screen (as seen below). You will then be able to view this informative video.

Free Preview: Science of Light

Free Preview: Science of Light

Workshop, Mark Wallace – Understanding Light [webcast, online] Creative Live, Seattle, USA, June 2014. 39 minutes: 30 seconds. https://www.creativelive.com/courses/understanding-light-mark-wallace (accessed 16 August, 2014)