Lighting by David Präkel

Lighting by David PräkelI have just finished the book Lighting by David Präkel. The book is what I would classify as a “What is ….?” book. It is basically a compendium of terminology with definitions arranged in a logical sequence. The book deals with the basic theory of light, colour theory of light, polarized light, the various types of natural light, types of available light, studio lighting, how studio lighting is controlled and how to use light to create shape, form and texture. At the end of each chapter there is an exercise which can be used to practise the various techniques. Many of these exercises are similar to those in the course book. I found the studio lighting section particularly interesting as most of the studio equipment and their uses were explained really well. Definitely a good reference book to have around.

Reference List

Präkel, David (2013). Basics Photography 02: Lighting. Lausanne, Switzerland: AVA Publishing SA.


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