Building and Using DIY Lighting Gear

Creative Live has some wonderful online workshops that run free during the day on Pacific Standard Time from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm and then is repeated (again for free) right afterwards. I was lucky enough to catch most of Kevin Kubota’s workshop on Building and Using DIY Lighting Gear. In his workshop he covers a variety of subjects, from rules of lighting, building a scrim, v-flats, triple reflector v-flat, v-flat window box, building a snoot, lighting with a flashlight, making a beauty dish, tube lights, ring light and photo booth, to name just a few. He also demonstrates how to use everything. as well. It is really amazing that one can pretty much build effective studio equipment for a nominal amount.

A free preview can be seen on this website:


Kubota, Kevin, 2014. Building and Using DIY Lighting Gear [online]. Creative Live. Available from: [Accessed 22 December, 2014]



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