Narrative Photography: Storytelling with Photo Essays with Mike Hill

Narrative Photography: Storytelling with Photo EssaysA while ago I came across an online course on narrative photography on the Craftsy website. It is a short course with 6 lessons about narrative photography and it was offered at a special rate, so I purchased it. Mike Hill, the photographer, teaching the course steps you through two different photoshoots, explaining how he does certain things, and why –  basically stepping through his workflow. The first shoot was done indoors where he was able to use mainly ambient lighting while the second shoot was done outdoors in fairly harsh sunlight. Hill emphasizes the importance of getting those close up detail shots which add context to the narrative. He also explained the importance of having the subjects step him through the process of what they do before beginning the shoot. In this way he is able to build a rapport with his subjects prior to the shoot and this helps to relax them more.

He offers very little direction to his subjects, but lets them work as they normally would. Occasionally he gives slight direction by asking them to repeat a particular action or to shift position slightly to expose more of their materials they are using.

After the completion of both photoshoots, Hill steps the viewer through his workflow using Lightroom –  how he edits down his images to a manageable number, the basic retouching he performs, creating collections and then the final edit and export process.

It was a handy, informative little course to do and has helped refine the narrative process in my mind.


Hill, Mike. Narrative Photography: Storytelling with Photo Essays. [webcast, online]. Craftsy Online Classes. Colorado. 1 hour 56 min 7 secs. Available from:{} [Accessed 28 February, 2015]


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