Exercise: Evidence of action

The brief:

Produce one photograph in which it can be seen that something has happened. As a suggestion, include in the photograph something that has been broken, or emptied.

When illustration really comes into its own, however, is in dealing with subjects that are not straightforward solid objects or obvious events…. write down five examples of concepts that are regularly depicted in advertising and publicity, which cannot be shown directly.

Fig 1 - Broken Eggs

Fig 1 – Broken Eggs

Having just made breakfast, I used the broken egg shells for this example of evidence of action.

Examples of abstract ideas and concepts

  • power – could be interpreted as body strength, think weight lifter, or someone in a position of power – royalty.
  • success – products shots of sports cars with a scantily clad girl draped over the bonnet – sex sells, money, someone receiving a diploma.
  • love – colour red, hearts, kisses, couples embracing.
  • happiness – people smiling, doing good deeds, children playing.
  • health – hospitals, people exercising, vitamins.