Exercise: Juxtaposition

The brief:

For this exercise choose either the still-life approach …, or a larger scale shot, which involves choosing a viewpoint and lens focal length. If the former, take any book you like and make a suitable cover illustration using two or three relevant elements. If the latter, photograph someone with a possession, or the results of their work or hobby.

I have been horribly sick the whole of this last week so I’ve chosen to do the still-life approach (not my forte) so I can stay indoors . My all time favourite book has to be Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, probably better known as Cross stitch in the UK. I did do a book cover a few years ago when I was doing a Photoshop course and chose to do a cover for one of her books that was about to launch back then too. Needless to say the PhotoShop version is far more interesting, but I won’t show that as it consists of found images and lots of gradient layering etc. For those that don’t know the book, very briefly the heroine of the series is a nurse who just at the end of Word War II falls through a crack in one of the standing stones in Scotland. She is transported back in time about 200 odd years, before the battle of Culloden. Not revealing any spoilers here -watch the series if you don’t want to read the book :-). Because of her medical background, she becomes the go-to person for all medical issues and she becomes rather resourceful in using herbs to create her own potions and medicines.

So not having access to wonderful items, like standing stones and whisky stills, I have chosen to juxtapose this aspect for the image. So I have taken a bunch of herbs, a mortar and pestle, which I’m sure was available back in the day and a “tartanish” scarf to represent the Scottish aspect of the story. (I know it isn’t a real tartan, but it is the closest thing I have in my wardrobe).


f8, 2.5 sec, 40mm, ISO 100