Exercise: Rain

The brief:

Imagine a magazine cover on one subject: rain. You have the entire cover space to work in and you should produce a single, strong, attractive photograph that leaves no one in doubt about the subject. This is first and exercise in imagination, not always easy, and second an exercise in producing a photograph to a specification. If you need guidelines, here are some:

  • think of all the effects of rain that you have ever seen
  • keep it simple
  • be interesting: don’t settle for an ordinary middle-distance shot of a street in the rain
  • with some picture ideas you need not wait for a rainy day
  • If you can’t be completely original, at least make the photograph attractive
  • even if your idea is original, still make the photograph attractive.

I had to wait quite a while for the rain to show up this time. Normally I’m complaining that it is raining too much. This morning, however, as we were waiting at the border to cross over into the US, we had a bit of deluge and I quickly got out the camera and got a few images of the cars ahead of us. The water was cascading beautifully over the windscreen and out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl get out of the car just next to us. I love the abstract feel to this portrait and I definitely feel it depicts rain very well. The muted shades of greys and blacks add to the depressing mood of the rain, while the girl’s jacket adds a refreshing pop of colour to the palette. I cropped the photo to portrait format to emphasis the abstract background behind the girl. There is plenty of room for a masthead at the top of the image.


f5, 1/1000, 35mm, ISO 200

While I was waiting for the rain to materialize over the past two weeks I found this image which I had taken while working on Assignment 3. It is a photograph of Hastings Racetrack’s stables, which are covered in colourful graffiti. It also has an abstract feel to it.

Rain No. 2

Rain No. 2
f29, 1/5, 55mm, ISO 400