Update on Assignment 5 Planning (Finn Slough Project)

I have started working my Finn Slough project for assignment 5 and just completed my second visit to the place today. The light was better this time. It is such a quaint, interesting place. My husband can’t fathom why I want to photograph this place. Rather challenging to photograph though as one can’t veer off the road or clamber down the embankments. There are signs that the locals have put up warning one not to do this as it would disturb the very sensitive habit. So I am heeding the signs. I think some of the embankments consist of decayed, rotten wood covered in a thin layer of soil and I wouldn’t want to fall into that mess. To compound the issue I’m having to shoot through raspberry bushes and other lanky, twiggy shrubbery, which often detracts from the shot. But that is part of the place so I trying to work around that.

The first time I went there it was low tide – zero water in the slough at all! All the boats were sitting in the mud. The second time, the tide was beginning to come in and the boats at the entrance to the slough were bobbing in the water. I have researched the fishing tide tables for that area and have printed off March and April’s tables so that I can see on what days and what times there will be a high tide. Unfortunately I’m restricted to going there over weekends only as Finn Slough is quite far from where I live. If only there were more days in a weekend (wishful thinking).

I’m also hoping to be able to fit in either a sunrise or sunset at the location. The location is in a very flat part of Vancouver, rather like the Netherlands, with dykes. I’ll have to consult the Photographer’s Ephemeris to find the best angles.