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Assignment 1 – Planning

In preparation for the project look through the photographs you have taken previously and try to assemble pairs that represent contrasting concepts. Remember it is visual contracts you are looking for. Try to find at least four contrasting pairs.

In preparation for this assignment I looked back in my arsenal of photos and found four contrasting pairs.

Figure 1 - Diagonal

Figure 1 – Diagonal

Figure 1 could go through for two contrasts in one single image as well as the bolts on the bench depict roundness very nicely.

Figure 2 - Rounded

Figure 2 – Rounded

Figure 3 - Heavy

Figure 3 – Heavy

The sculpture in figure 3 is at least 4 feet high and although it is hollow one would not easily lift it.

Figure 4 - Light

Figure 4 – Light

Light in weight as well as airiness.

Figure 5 - Opaque

Figure 5 – Opaque

Figure 6 - Transparent

Figure 6 – Transparent

Once the plant in figure 5 (I have no idea what it is called) dies down the pods become transparent and the seed is visible (figure 6).

Figure 7 - Few

Figure 7 – Few

Figure 8 - Many

Figure 8 – Many

The few umbrellas lying on the steps were in readiness for the flash mob in figure 8.

For Assignment I should make at least eight pairs from the list below. Note my thoughts at the time of taking the pictures in my notebook and my intentions with regard to each of them. Review this assignment against the assessment criteria. Make notes in the learning log.

Contrasts Table

I am not restricting myself to a theme. The weather is iffy at this time of the year and I don’t want to find myself running out of time to complete the assignment. My images, however, will all be taken in Vancouver.

In preparation for the assignment, I’ve made a list of the contrasts and then looked up possible shooting locations for as many as I could think of. I created a visual table for this to jog my memory. I then added to this table synonyms for all the contrasts, so as to give me a broader scope to work with. So far I have chosen the following pairings, but this may change depending on whether some of my ideas work out or not.

  1. Curved image – definitely want to do the Vancouver Public Library at night when the building is lit up. This building’s architecture is based on the Roman Colosseum and has both curves and rounded parts. The best location will be from Georgia Street. Would like to get light trails from passing cars in the photo as well, so need to shoot from across the street. Might be an interesting shot in the rain as well. Tripod needed.
    Straight image – already have one. Chinese Bell in Chinatown. Might retake it in less harsher light. It could also be used for a single image containing both contrasts.
  2. Transparent image – glass of water reflecting scenery. Glass should be about half to three-quarters full so that top of glass does not show reflection.
    Opaque image – coffee cup show from low down so as not to show any liquid. Could juxtapose these two items together to form single image as well.
  3. Many – I already have many examples of framed filled items.
    Few –  take a single container holding three alphabet tiles spelling “few”. Use shallow depth of field to focus on the tiles.
  4. Diagonal – Olympic torch – lots of diagonal lines, or steps at Robson Square.
    Rounded – Vancouver Public Library seen from Robson Street. Roundness is more visible from that angle. Could be a day time shot. Alternatively the duck crossing sign on Granville Island.
  5. Light – dark room with graphical image projected onto a model’s face. This will be the only light seen.
    Dark – dark room with single light behind the model, casting a rim light around the silhouette.
  6. Light – black background with a couple of jos sticks (incense) burning to create visible smoke to indicate airiness and a feather suspended between the smoke spirals. This is going to be tricky and I will have to play with the lighting. Not sure how yet – maybe lit from below – will have to experiment.
    Feather sketch for light

    Feather sketch for light

    Heavy – stone sculpture – use focal lengths and different view points to accentuate the heaviness aspect.

  7. High – man standing on ledge high up on structure.
    Low – man standing at bottom of large ship.
  8. Still deciding on final pair.

Single image containing two contrastsBlack/White – use white bowl with dark liquid with floating, white candles which have been lit against a black background. Need to check white balance to ensure that blacks are very black and whites are really white. If this doesn’t work out, then I’ll do a portrait with split lighting and convert to black and white.

I’m hoping the weather will play nice for the next two weeks while I’m working on my assignment. Otherwise I’m going to have resort to doing indoor stills and that is not my favourite thing to do.