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Assignment 3 – Revisited

I have chosen to fix a few images that my tutor remarked on. The first is Fig 05 under Similar Colours. My tutor had remarked that the sky was a bit bright and my horizon was not straight, so I have corrected these. I have done a local exposure adjustment in LightRoom to bring the highlights and exposure down in the clouds and then I straightened out the horizon line.

Fig. 05 – Analogous – green (reworked)

Fig. 05 – Analogous – green (reworked)
f8, 1/160, 26mm, ISO 400

The next one was under Contrasting Colours, namely Fig 12. My tutor commented that the colours of the containers were rather subdued and that the brightness of the sky should be reduced to make the foreground stand out more. Again I applied local exposure adjustments in LightRoom to do this.


Fig. 12 – Contrast – red-blue-green-orange (reworked) f8, 1/125, 35mm, ISO 400

I also fixed some brightness in the sky and hot houses and increased the exposure over the pumpkins in Fig 15 under Colour Accent.


Fig. 15 – Accent – pink (reworked) f8, 1/160, 35mm, ISO 200

My final revision is also under Colour Accent, namely Fig 16. My tutor mentioned that the image was indecisive as there were really two accent colours – the logo and the man on the right. He then suggested a square crop. I was not initially enamoured with the square crop, but after playing around with various crops in LightRoom, I can see that it does work the best.


Fig. 16 – Accent – red (reworked) f8, 1/400, 30mm, ISO 200