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Assignment 3 – Revisited

I have chosen to fix a few images that my tutor remarked on. The first is Fig 05 under Similar Colours. My tutor had remarked that the sky was a bit bright and my horizon was not straight, so I have corrected these. I have done a local exposure adjustment in LightRoom to bring the highlights and exposure down in the clouds and then I straightened out the horizon line.

Fig. 05 – Analogous – green (reworked)

Fig. 05 – Analogous – green (reworked)
f8, 1/160, 26mm, ISO 400

The next one was under Contrasting Colours, namely Fig 12. My tutor commented that the colours of the containers were rather subdued and that the brightness of the sky should be reduced to make the foreground stand out more. Again I applied local exposure adjustments in LightRoom to do this.


Fig. 12 – Contrast – red-blue-green-orange (reworked) f8, 1/125, 35mm, ISO 400

I also fixed some brightness in the sky and hot houses and increased the exposure over the pumpkins in Fig 15 under Colour Accent.


Fig. 15 – Accent – pink (reworked) f8, 1/160, 35mm, ISO 200

My final revision is also under Colour Accent, namely Fig 16. My tutor mentioned that the image was indecisive as there were really two accent colours – the logo and the man on the right. He then suggested a square crop. I was not initially enamoured with the square crop, but after playing around with various crops in LightRoom, I can see that it does work the best.


Fig. 16 – Accent – red (reworked) f8, 1/400, 30mm, ISO 200



Assignment 2 Revisited

As the time is drawing closer to assessment, I have been looking back on my blog and realised that I had commented in my feedback to my tutor’s report that I would address a few images.

Two Points

My tutor remarked that the second point is quite peripheral. He suggested placing the objects together like two people talking to each other. The light and dark areas work well in the composition, but the bright white background is competing with the star shape of the squash. He suggests that if the background is toned down a bit, the form of the squash would be more emphasized. Winter squash is now out of season, so I have not redone this shot, but have done the post processing that was suggested.

Two points reworked

Fig 02 – Two points reworked
f6.3, 1/8, 135mm, ISO 100


My tutor commented on the fact that the curve was fading into background too much and thereby more emphasis was on the pattern of the watermelon than the curve. To fix this I added a local adjustment to the background to bring the exposure and highlights down. I also added a couple of local exposure adjustments to the edge of the watermelon to emphasis the curve better.

Fig 06 - Curves reworked

Fig 06 – Curves reworked
f8, 1/10, 160mm, ISO 100

Distinct, even if irregular shapes

Fig 07 – Distinct, even if irregular, shapes - revised

Fig 07 – Distinct, even if irregular, shapes – revised
f2.8, 1/40, 50mm, ISO 100

My tutor had commented that I had too many competing shapes in the original submission so I have replaced the original image with this one (Fig 07), which was taken at the same time. It highlights the shape of the individual pepper which is separated out from the peppers in the background. The curve of the pepper is accentuated by the light catching the edge of the pepper. In post processing I brought down the exposure and highlights of this highlighted section by applying a local adjustment to the highlight. Hopefully this is an improvement on the previous image.

Distinct Shape

My tutor liked this image but remarked that the light behind the fennel was too bright. The yellow cloth and knife were also too bright. I have done local exposure adjustments to rectify this.

Fig 08 – Distinct shape, even if irregular, shape Reworked

Fig 08 – Distinct shape, even if irregular, shape Reworked

Implied Triangles

My tutor said that my beetroot image is more of a triangle than an implied triangle and that an implied triangle is three more or less equidistant points. Furthermore, my second photo is not an implied triangle at all as he says it doesn’t have three distinct points but many more that move in a circle.

Fig 09 - implied triangle - revision

Fig 09 – implied triangle – revision
f7.1, 1/50, 200mm, ISO 200

I have retaken the implied triangle photos. Fig 09 featured many implied triangles within a circle. Post processing involved increasing exposure by half a stop, decreasing highlights, boosting the shadows a bit, adding contrast, clarity and a bit of vibrance.

Fig 10 - implied triangle - revision

Fig 10 – implied triangle – revision
f5, 1/60, 65mm, ISO 400

Fig 10 features three apples arranged in an implied triangle.  There is separation between all the apples so the implication is there. In post processing shadows were opened up, highlights decreased, exposure increased by a third of a stop and a bit of contrast, clarity and vibrance was added.


My tutor thought this image looked underexposed. I have increased the exposure and contrast, opened up the shadows and added a bit of saturation to improve the image (fig 12).

Pattern reworked

Fig 12 – Pattern reworked
f8, 1/10, 190mm, ISO 100

Even after these revisions, I am still of the opinion that I really don’t like still-life photography, but I suppose this is something I should try and work on.