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Sequence of Composition

Oh this is so frustrating! I have attempted this exercise three times now, never mind trying to do it for the last month. The weather has been terrible – I live in Raincouver (as Vancouver is known by the locals). It is also said by some that we get so much rain here that we develop webbed feet! I was always so amazed by the amount of rain that falls here when I emigrated to Canada from South Africa. In South Africa we used to measure annual rainfall in millimetres. Here in Vancouver annual rainfall can be measured in metres! South Africa’s annual rainfall can be the equivalent of one day’s rain here.

So I was quite happy the other day when the sun came out and the day looked promising. It was graduation day at the university where I work and I always take the camera along to this function as I usually take the photos of the students as they are coming off the stage. (We have a professional photographer to do the “real” photos). The students were planning on doing a flashmob after the ceremony and I thought that might have some sequence of composition possibilities. I started taking photos in the auditorium, with the platform party’s procession and hoped that I could use something there too. Alas! The stage lighting was so bright that my photos of the platform party were totally washed out. Maybe I should have switched my flash off for these sequences. [Note to myself to try that out next year].

There was definitely better opportunities after the ceremony, once everyone was outside, but I had students running up to me asking for photos to be taken with their friends and lecturers, so all were posed. Once the flashmob got underway I found I could barely move, as it took place in an enclosed space. So no opportunity to move among the crowd as I had hoped. I managed to get a few interesting shots, but nowhere near the 20-30 images required.

So two days later I went down to Lonsdale Quay, an indoor market on the harbour front. Usually there is lots of activity there and it is a location that has good street photography potential. Alas! It was cold and raining and the hordes of people had stayed at home. Again a few interesting photos, but mainly of images that could fit in with Assignment 1.

So today I went to Chinatown, which has never disappointed, and which is a ripe location for street photography. Probably not the best idea to do this on mother’s day … but the crowds were better than the day before at Lonsdale Quay. Some interesting photos again, a few more for Assignment 1, but not enough for this exercise.

This has been my sequence for Sequence of Composition thus far … guess what I’m doing every lunch break this week …