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Note to the Assessors

Dear Assessors,

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate my work.

My learning log is online and can be located at: https://lyndakuitphotography.wordpress.com/. The blog is in descending date order (standard blog format), however, I have arranged the assignments so that they can be viewed in consecutive order. Each assignment’s post begins with the assignment, followed by the tutor feedback and my reflections and ends with any revision/rework that I have done as a result of the tutor feedback.

To access each assignment, tutor feedback and any revisions done, please click on the assignment number you wish to view on the menu at the top and you will be able to scroll in consecutive order.

My research is accessible by going to the submenus under Research and Reflection on the menu at the top of the blog as illustrated below. Research relevant to each assignment is mentioned in my assignment write up and is hyperlinked to the relevant posts as well.

Included in my submission package are:

  • the contact sheets of prints for each assignment as well as the final reworks or revisions. Contact sheets are clearly labeled on the back of each sheet.
  • a selection of four (4) prints from assignments 1, 2 and 4 and five (5) prints from assignments 3 and 5 (total of 22). Prints are clearly labeled on the back of each print.
  • a mockup of assignment 5
  • all five (5) tutor reports
  • two (2) supplementary physical learning logs which I have mainly used for inspirational images and study notes.

Thank you.